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Your ideas come to life through illustrations

Join forces with professional illustrators for the perfect combination of medical/scientific content. We match the expertise and creativity of medical/scientific illustrators to enhance the quality of your notes.

Science Note as Recommended by Experts

Myeong-Hyeon Lee, CEOGALDAR

Science Notes show complex and obscure scientific concepts and phenomena in a concise and clear manner. You can encounter accurate visual information based on solid scientific knowledge. When expertise and creativity come together, trust and appeal are born.

Sung Hwan Jang, CEO203 X Infographics Lab

The role and direction explained by Yang Jin-joo, CEO of Science Notes, were truly relatable and essential. Understanding both science and visual design in a bidirectional manner and producing good results, I believe Science Notes is an optimized place.

Donghyeon Kwon, CEOVisual Storyteller

Meeting experts and stakeholders in the fields of interest for illustrators is not an easy task. Through Science Note management, we expect to create a safe and comfortable working environment.

Kang oo, ProducerO* P**y

Connecting science and design through scientific illustrations and the role of CEO Yang Jin-joo in connecting people is truly inspiring to society. Additionally, Science Note is drawing an important stroke in our society and playing a significant role. Applause to your efforts and passion.

Binna Yun, ResearcherK** Lab

CEO Yang Jin-joo of Science Note is an extraordinary illustrator who possesses both a research career and an illustrator's career. Utilizing years of experience and know-how, she plays the role of management. She accurately understands what I desire and guides me in the right direction, making her the best guide.

Yoon jeong ah, CEOGajeongsil Design Studio

The more professional you are, the more you need a clear and easy delivery method. Clear and easy delivery is the most difficult thing, but in this respect, the Science Note is a place that will satisfy the thirst for understanding science and medicine.

Systematic Workflow Process

Confirmation of request
Matching with illustrator
Administrative procedures (quotation, contract)
Delivery of sketches
Main work in progress
Revision work
Final inspection
Delivery of results
Illustrator Partners
Illustration Uploads
Medical/Scientific Applications

Medical/Scientific Illustration Representative Case